Dirty South Blues

by Robert Connely Farr & the Rebeltone Boys




Press Release


Recorded & Produced by Leeroy Stagger at The Rebeltone Ranch in Lethbridge, Alberta

Mixed by Jon Wood (Flophouse JR) in Vancouver, BC

The Rebeltone Boys are:
Evan Ushenko - Lead Guitar
Tyson Maiko - Bass
Kyle Harmon - Drums
Michael Ayotte - Keys

releases September 22, 2018

All songs written by Robert Connely Farr except
Just Jive Blues - written by Jimmy "Duck" Holmes & Robert Connely Farr
Hard Time Killin Floor Blues - written by Skip James

Robert Connely Farr also heads up Vancouver, Canada based Southern Rockers Mississippi Live & the Dirty Dirty




“…an album you simply must hear, mentored by the last of the Bentonia bluesmen, Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, Farr & company have created a masterpiece.”


“…may have been recorded north of the borderline, but its roots hold strong in the swamplands…”

blues highway us 61

“…a remarkable collection of deep rooted Blues, that is surely going to be a classic…”

cashbox magazine

“…a significant piece of work…”

leeroy stagger

“…Connely is a true treasure of an artist… lightning in a bottle…”

post to wire

“…highly accomplished release… spirited & tough, built on great songwriting & a voice that’s built to sing the blues… think The Band, Drive-By Truckers & Lucero.”

roots highway

“…when in the wake of a tradition that perhaps the Americans have learned more from the British, (Farr) returns home & does not miss the passage of witness, approaching with great respect to the lesson of Jimmy "Duck" Holmes…”





Singer-songwriter Robert Connely Farr grew up in the small southern town of Bolton, Mississippi, home town of Charley Patton & The Mississippi Sheiks. Connely currently resides in Vancouver, Canada where he also heads up the alt-country / Southern rockers Mississippi Live & the Dirty Dirty

In 2017, Connely met Mississippi blues icon Jimmy “Duck” Holmes in Bentonia, Mississippi, just miles from where Connely grew up. They immediately struck up a friendship & since then, Jimmy has been mentoring Connely in the Bentonia Style of the blues, a style that Holmes learned directly from Henry Stuckey, who taught Skip James & Jack Owens. 

In early 2018, Connely teamed up with Canadian producer & acclaimed songwriter Leeroy Stagger to record an album of the songs written during this mentorship titled “Dirty South Blues” (Robert Connely Farr & the Rebeltone Boys). Set to release September 2018, Dirty South Blues includes 10 songs, 8 that were written by Farr. ‘Just Jive’, a song that Jimmy “Duck” Holmes wrote in ’81 & was almost lost forever - is a co-write with Robert Connely Farr & Jimmy “Duck” Holmes. Farr also pays homage to the roots of this album by covering Skip James’ ‘Hard Time Killin Floor Blues’. Songs like ‘Magnolia’ & ‘Dirty South Blues’ are Farr’s attempt to reconcile / question some of the more controversial elements of the South, such as the rebel flag & pockets of racism that are still prevalent.


Vocals, Guitar / Robert Connely Farr

Lead Guitar / Evan Uschenko
Bass / Tyson Maiko
Drums / Kyle Harmon
Keyboard / Michael Ayotte

Producer / Leeroy Stagger

recorded at:
The Rebeltone Ranch / Lethbridge, Alberta